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Calibration Methods for B-dot Magnetic Field Probes for Use in Pulsed Power ExperimentsIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsBen Nield[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
An Investigation of Shielding Configurations for NaI Detectors in Standoff ApplicationsIdaho State UniversityPhysicsBen Satterwhite[]Thesis10 May 2014
Upgrade of a Deterministic Multi-Energy Group Diffusion Reactor Physics CodeIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsBilguun Byambadorj[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
EBSD Determined Grain and Grain Boundary Characteristic Correlation with Deposition and Annealing Temperatures of the CVD Coated SiC Layer of Triso Particle Nuclear FuelIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsConnie Hill[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Analysis of Worker Consequences from a Potential Accidental Release of Special Nuclear Material from a Recently Commissioned Glovebox at Idaho State UniversityIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsDerick Tormohlen[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Evaluation of 90Sr Intravenously Injected Non-Human Primate Using ICRP 78 ModelIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsEric Krage[]Thesis10 May 2014
SAAM II Predictions based on ICRP 78 Systemic Model coupled to NCRP 156 Wound Model for PlutoniumIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsFatima Khokonova[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Evaluation of Near Field Atmospheric Dispersion Around Nuclear Facilities Using a Lorentzian Distribution MethodologyIdaho State UniversityPhysicsGavin Hawkley[]Dissertation19 Dec 2014
Biokinetics of Strontium-90 Injected in Non-Human Primates Using SAAM Software and IMBA Professional Plus SoftwareIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsHamed Alnagran[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Small Reactivity Measurement in Advanced Test Reactor Critical (ATR-C) and Neutron Radiography (NRAD) Reactor and an Oscillator DesignIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsHarish Aryal[]Thesis10 May 2014
Thermal Rocket Nuclear Design Evaluation and Modification Using MCNPIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsJacob McCallum-Clark[]Thesis20 Dec 2013
Older than Reference Man: The Biokinetic Significance of Anatomical and Physiological Changes with Advancing AgeIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsJason Davis[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Optimization of the Thermal Treatment Process for the Removal of Carbon 14 from Irradiated Graphite for Waste Volume Reduction and Bulk Graphite RecycleIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsKatherine Nelson[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Development of a Plutonium-DTPA Biokinetic Model with Suggested Modifications to the Plutonium Systemic ModelIdaho State UniversityPhysicsKevin Konzen[]Dissertation19 Dec 2014
A Study of Electron Accelerator Based Photon & Neutron Production and Applications to Nuclear Transmutation TechnologiesIdaho State UniversityPhysicsMayir Mamtimin[]Dissertation8 Aug 2014
The Study of the Effects of 50 Nanometer Gold Particles on Mouse Macrophage and Spleen CellsIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsMicah Kingston[]Thesis10 May 2014
The Design of a Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generator Powered by Strontium-90Idaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsMicah Kingston[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
A Measurement of the Positron Production Efficiency Using a Quadrupole Triplet System for a Potential Positron Source at Jefferson LabIdaho State UniversityPhysicsSadiq Setiniyaz[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Lightgauge: Production of Photonic Sensor Devices on Nuclear MaterialsIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsScott McBeath[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Process Informed Safeguards Approach for a Pyroprocessing FacilityIdaho State UniversityNuclear Eng'g & Health PhysicsTony Riley[]Dissertation19 Dec 2014
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