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Beyond the Surface: The Void Within Reflections on Awareness, Self, and NothingnessIdaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureJeffrey Thompson[]Thesis14 Jun 2016
The Ceramics ExperienceIdaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureDustin Thompson[]Thesis2 Feb 2018
SYNTHESISIdaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureTirazhehe Eslami[]Thesis6 Jul 2018
ENTROPYIdaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureRachael Mayer[]Thesis6 Sep 2018
[De-]Idaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureRebecca J. Merkley[]Thesis6 Sep 2018
LIFE-ON-LINEIdaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureNikyra Capson[]Thesis21 Jul 2020
Queer...Idaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureWilliam Bybee[]Thesis28 Apr 2021
JOYCEIGNITESTHEUNIVERSE:APHOTOGRAPHICHISTORYIdaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureIris Gray[]Thesis13 May 2021
GroundedIdaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureRachelle G. Cooper[]Thesis8 Jun 2021
The History and Transcendence of Lilith: Understanding the Ancient Myth and Exploring its Recent Use in the Feminist MovementIdaho State UniversityArt & ArchitectureBrogan Schaeffer[]Thesis14 Feb 2024
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