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Slack 2014Idaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipAmy Slack[]Dissertation19 Dec 2014
International Research Collaboration in Higher EducationIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipJacqueline Throngard[]Dissertation8 Aug 2014
Examining the Multimedia Redundancy Effect Among Pre-Service Teachers: Assessing Pedagogical Usability of MaterialIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipSang Chan[]Dissertation10 May 2014
The Effect of an Online Minute Paper and Instructor Response on Student Learning Motivation in a Flipped Blended Nutrition CourseIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipKathleen Cook[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Exploring the Effectiveness of an E-Learning Module for Graduate Level Occupational Therapy StudentsIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipBryan Gee[]Dissertation9 May 2015
IQYAX: A Case Study Investigation of the Traditional Unangan Sea Kayak Model Course on Self-Esteem of Five Adolescent StudentsIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipMichael Livingston[]Dissertation9 May 2015
The Multidimensional Instructional Efficiency of Worked ExamplesIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipDanae Romrell[]Dissertation9 May 2015
A Structured Approach in the Development of an Online Assistive Technology Professional Development TrainingIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipJanice Carson[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Keeping the Best and Brightest: Why Are American Students Shunning Math and Science Majors?Idaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipKandi Duff[]Dissertation9 May 2015
The Practices and Characteristics of Athletic Booster Clubs in 2A and 3A High Schools in Southeastern IdahoIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipDavid Risenmay[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Leadership Development: Assessing the Impact on Student Leadership Behaviors and Practices of Participation in Leadership 101Idaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipDamoni Wright[]Dissertation9 May 2015
The Effects of Scenario-Based E-Learning Tutorials as Preparation for the Flipped Classroom: Lessons From a Beginning Nursing CourseIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipGaylen Jensen[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
An Exploratory Study of High School Teachers' Integration of Mobile LearningIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipSylvia Suh[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
How Do Instructional Design Models Inform the Actions of Instructional Design Teams? A Case Study Examination of a University's Development of an Online Training ProgramIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipGrover Wray[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
Transformational Leadership Characteristics of Distance Education Directors at Intermountain West UniversitiesIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipRyan Faulkner[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
Using an Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Enhance Student Motivation and Achievement in Higher Education CoursesIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipBetty McQuain[]Dissertation4 Feb 2016
The Effects of Stable and Fluid E-Team Membership on Student Learning and Perceived Peer Contributions Among Undergraduate Literacy Education StudentsIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipLorie Tobler[]Dissertation4 Feb 2016
The Perceptions of Pre-Service Trainers and Student Teachers in Seminaries and Institutes Regarding Feedback and Coaching TechniquesIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipKevin Dupree[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
Impact of Four-Day School Week on Primary Grade Student AchievementIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipColby Gull[]Dissertation14 Jun 2016
Wyoming Superintendents and Secondary School Principals Perceptions Regarding the Implementation of Online Educational Programs in Wyoming Secondary Schools and Their Perceptions of the Barriers to and Supports Needed for the Effective Implementation of Online EducationIdaho State UniversityEducational LeadershipShon Hocker[]Dissertation14 Jun 2016
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