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Humor Functions in Aphasia Group Therapy within a Modified Intensive Comprehensive Program ModelIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesMelissa Mazzaglia[]Thesis16 Apr 2020
Linguistic Input to Infants and Later Vocabulary Development: Noun Phrases and Noun-Related Inflectional MorphemesIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesHannah Walsh[]Thesis21 May 2020
Comfort and Knowledge-based Differences between Multilingual and Monolingual Speech-Language Pathologists When Serving the Culturally and Linguistically DiverseIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesTaylor L. Narayanan[]Thesis26 Jun 2020
Assessing Speech Language Pathologists’ (SLP) Level of Knowledge, Training, and Experience with Stuttering and Cluttering: A Pilot StudyIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesKristen Leucuta[]Thesis15 Jul 2020
Psychometric Properties of Multi-domain Language Tests for School-age ChildrenIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesTabitha R. Syme[]Thesis15 Jul 2020
Development of a Screening Instrument for Caregiver Report of Infant Speech PatternsIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesBrittany Thomas[]Thesis15 Jul 2020
The Effect of Mindfulness Training and Practice on Student Clinicians' Reported StressIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesMadison Quinton[]Thesis31 Jul 2020
The relationship between provider confidence and auditory skill development in young children who are deaf or hard of hearingIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesJenna A. Messick[]Thesis17 Aug 2020
A Pilot Study on the Outcomes of a Modified Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia ProgramIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesThomas G. Gonzalez[]Thesis26 Aug 2020
Caregiver Input to Infants Who Are Typically Developing Versus Those at RiskIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesRebecca Fost[]Thesis25 Feb 2021
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