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The Cultural and Economic Impact of African Refugees' Health in the United States: A Case Study of English Speaking Refugees in Boise, Idaho CommunityIdaho State UniversityCommunity & Public HealthElizabeth Ouma[]Thesis9 May 2015
A Pilot Study of Perceived Behavior Change in Families Who Were Assigned to Participate in the "Strengthening Families Program" DVD in Diversion Programs Within Bannock County, IdahoIdaho State UniversityCommunity & Public HealthBrooke Taylor[]Thesis9 May 2015
Leadership in Degree Completion Programs-A Study Comparing Stand-Alone Leadership Courses versus Leadership-Infused CurriculaIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneMichelle Smith[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
The Treatment Efficacy of the Slurp-Swallow Exercise in Strengthening the Tongue in Persons with Tongue ThrustIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesMisty Torrey[]Thesis20 Dec 2013
Key Stakeholder Perceptions Regarding Budget Cuts in Idaho Mental Health ServicesIdaho State UniversityCommunity & Public HealthOluwafemi Abimbade[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Undiscovered Meanings of Minority Doctoral Students in Counselor Education ProgramsIdaho State UniversityCounselingBeronica Salazar[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
The Relationship Between Educational Mock Boards and Clinical Board ExaminationsIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneVictoria Martin[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Effects of Chronic Opioid Use on Short-Term Working Memory and Executive FunctionsIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesSydni Arnold[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Transcriber, Caregiver, and Naïve Listener Report of Infant Vocalizations: Toward Identification of Prelinguistic Markers for AutismIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesLeslie Clarke[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
High-Tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication Training and Self-Reported Feelings of Facilitator ConfidenceIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesAllison Early[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Infant Gaze Direction During Early Vocalizations as an Indicator of Vocabulary DevelopmentIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesBreanna Edwards[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Instrumental Investigation of the Effects of Tongue Thrust on Swallow FunctionIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesLyndsey Evans[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Report of Infant Vocalizations: A Case Study Considering Effects of Otitis Media with EffusionIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesAlycen Fielding[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Covert Outcomes of Client Who Stutter After an Interprofessional Intensive Stuttering Therapy ProgramIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesMcKenzie Jemmett[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Factors Influencing Standardized Test Selection for Children Presenting with Language DifficultiesIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesJennifer Montzka[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
An Exploration of the Effects of Opioid Pain Medication on Speech Perception and Audiovisual Integration Abilities in Middle Aged AdultsIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesJessica Simmons[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Pseudo-Stuttering as a Training Method: An Analysis of Graduate Clinician's Perceptions and AttitudesIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesSara Spears[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Clinician Survey of ASHA's Adult National Outcomes Measurement System: Use and AttitudesIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesMichelle Wallior[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Traumatic Brain Injury Re-Entry Services for School-Aged Children in IdahoIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesSara Wenig[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Caregiver and Naïve Listener Report of Vocalizations Produced by a Monolingual Infant versus a Bilingual Infant: A Case StudyIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesDiana Williams[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
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