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Distinguishing Social Justice Advocacy in Counseling From Social Work Functions: A Delphi StudyIdaho State UniversityCounselingAlex Kerwin[]Dissertation8 Aug 2014
Research Mentorship: An Exploratory Study of Doctoral Student Satisfaction and Research EngagementIdaho State UniversityCounselingAlyse Anekstein[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Prevalence, Attitudes, and Experiences of Speech-Language Pathologists with Animal-Assisted TherapyIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesAlyse Watt[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
The Effectiveness of the Slurp Swallow Exercise as a Tongue Strengthening Procedure for Tongue Thrust: A Case StudyIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesAmy Krause[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Evaluating Program Impact on Change in Cardiometabolic Outcomes and Identifying Socio-Demographic Influences of an Outcome-Based Employee Wellness ProgramIdaho State UniversityCommunity & Public HealthAngela Kraft[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
The Role of the Dental Hygienist in Screening for Sleep ApneaIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneBethany Bewley[]Thesis10 May 2014
Evaluating the Effect of Multimedia Learning on Extraoral Fulcrum Use in Dental Hygiene StudentsIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneCarri Shamburger[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
The Effects of Pantomine Speech and Silent Reading in Varied Syllable Positions Throughout a Phrase on Stuttering FrequencyIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesChristian Keil[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
New York State Dental Hygienist's Perceptions of a Baccalaureate Degree as the Entry-Level Degree Required for PracticeIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneChristine Rogers[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Male and Female Reactions to Typical and Atypical Speech With and Without Disclosure of a Communication DisorderIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesBull Courtney[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Some Normative Data for Audiovisual Speech Integration SkillsIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesDaniel Carnley[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
A Study of Nutrition in Entry-Level Dental Hygiene EducationIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneDeborah Johnson[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
The Effect of Audiovisual Delays with Synchronous and Asynchronous Presentation on Stuttering FrequencyIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesHailey Krieger[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
The Process of Counselor Development During the Entry Transition into Counselor Education ProgramsIdaho State UniversityCounselingHolly Wagner[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Geographic Comparisons of Washington State Non-Traumatic Dental Complaint Emergency Department PatientsIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneJacqueline Juhl[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Dental Hygiene Students' Knowledge of Human Papilloma Virus and Its Relation to Oropharyngeal CancerIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneJulia Forsmark[]Thesis10 May 2014
Oral Health of Elderly Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Qualitative Study Examining Barriers, Solutions, Policies, Rules, and RegulationsIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneKarissa Harper[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Multiple Case Study of Fuel Up to Play 60Idaho State UniversityCommunity & Public HealthJoshua Reeder[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Effectiveness of Comprehensive Community Health Screening Events in Ada County, Idaho: Are They Connecting Individuals with Personal Health Services?Idaho State UniversityCommunity & Public HealthKristin E. Moore[]Thesis10 May 2014
Relationships Between Pacifiers and BreastfeedingIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesLauren Tandy[]Thesis10 May 2014
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