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Still: Women Counselor Educators' Experiences of Sexist Microaggressions & Suggestions for ResistanceIdaho State UniversityCounselingDustin M. Destler[]Dissertation6 Sep 2018
Can You Hear Me Now?: Exploring the Experiences of Students who are d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in CACREP-Accredited Counseling ProgramsIdaho State UniversityCounselingRenée C. Howells[]Dissertation6 Sep 2018
A PHENOMENOLOGICAL EXPLORATION OF LATINA DOCTORAL SUPERVISORSIdaho State UniversityCounselingAlexia DeLeon[]Dissertation13 Feb 2019
Spirituality, Religion, and Counselor Educator Practices:A Q Methodology InvestigationIdaho State UniversityCounselingKathleen N. Muirhead[]Dissertation10 Dec 2019
Exploring the Experiences of Gay Male Faculty Coming Out in Counselor Education Programs: An Interpretative Phenomenological AnalysisIdaho State UniversityCounselingVincent M. Marasco[]Dissertation10 Dec 2019
The Experiences of Arab American Counseling Students: An Interpretative Phenomenological AnalysisIdaho State UniversityCounselingJehan A. Hill[]Dissertation10 Dec 2019
Career Narratives of Resilient Latina Counselor Educators:The Intersection of Race, Class, and GenderIdaho State UniversityCounselingSarah N. Baquet[]Dissertation12 Dec 2019
Shame in Supervision: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis in Counselor EducationIdaho State UniversityCounselingWilliam B. Lane Jr.[]Dissertation15 Jul 2020
Value of Continued Clinical Practice for Counselor Educators Teaching at CACREP Accredited Programs: A Delphi StudyIdaho State UniversityCounselingTessa B. Price[]Dissertation3 Aug 2020
Helping Identity Transformations of Counselors-in-Training with Previous Mental Health Work ExperienceIdaho State UniversityCounselingTimothy J. Hakenewerth[]Dissertation17 Aug 2020
Shaking Up the Room: The Process of Professional Identity Development of Black Doctoral Students in Counselor EducationIdaho State UniversityCounselingOlivia T. Ngadjui[]Dissertation16 Mar 2021
“In my experience ...”: A Grounded Theory Study Investigating the Integration of Field Experience into Counselor Education Teaching PracticesIdaho State UniversityCounselingKalin E. Amende[]Dissertation8 Jun 2021
Expert Counselor Educator Perspectives on Training Bilingual Counselors: A Q Method StudyIdaho State UniversityCounselingEdson D. Andrade Vargas[]Dissertation29 Jul 2021
TRAUMATRANSFORMED: A GROUNDED THEORYIdaho State UniversityCounselingCamille D. Frank[]Dissertation29 Jul 2021
Host Country to Home Country: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Lived Reentry Experiences of International Counseling CACREP GraduatesIdaho State UniversityCounselingLindsdale Graham[]Dissertation29 Jul 2021
A Grounded Theory Investigation into the Process of Multicultural Awareness Development for White Counselors in TrainingIdaho State UniversityCounselingbryan C. Lamb[]Dissertation6 Oct 2021
Teaching Ecotherapy within Counselor Education Programs:A Q-Methodology AnalysisIdaho State UniversityCounselingKatie K. Sacco[]Dissertation11 Oct 2021
Watching the Horizon: A Q Method Exploration of the Perceived Importance of Addiction Curriculum in Other Counseling SpecializationsIdaho State UniversityCounselingBrianne Scott[]Dissertation11 Oct 2021
Transit & Transform: Exploring the Transitional Processes of International Doctoral Students and Faculty Members in the US (A Grounded Theory Study)Idaho State UniversityCounselingAishwarya P. Joshi[]Dissertation8 Dec 2022
Relationships Between Supervisor Requests for Trainee Feedback and Supervisory Alliance StrengthIdaho State UniversityCounselingBeverly J. Hines[]Dissertation12 Dec 2022
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