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Expert Counselor Educator Perspectives on Training Bilingual Counselors: A Q Method Study
Department: Counseling
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Edson D. Andrade Vargas
Idaho State University
City: Pocatello
Researchers have stressed the need for more bilingual counselors to serve the growing Spanish-speaking, Latinx population (Biever et al., 2002; Delgado-Romero et al., 2018; Santiago-Rivera, 1995). Bilingual counselors must be properly trained to provide competent bilingual counseling services as many undertrained bilingual counselors report feeling unprepared and overwhelmed (Johal, 2017; Verdinelli & Biever, 2009a). However, few programs provide Spanish-English bilingual counselor training and only a small base of empirical literature exists toinform this type of counselor training. In this study, I used Q methodology to understand what counselor educators are doing to train Spanish-English bilingual counselors. Ten expert participants ranked 40 statements regarding counselor educators’ most important functions in Spanish-English bilingual counselor training. I used factor analysis to identify patterns between participants’ ranked statements and supported interpretation with qualitative data from open-ended questionnaires. Results showed that most participants fell into one of two factors. In the first group, participants were guided by functions that advanced social justice and support structures. In the second group, participants focused on promoting competence in the skills unique to this typeof counseling. Despite these differences, similarities between both groups included: using Spanish in supervision, teaching Latinx sensitive knowledge, enhancing Spanish skills, and developing curriculum and standards. The results call for support from the profession as a whole, commitment to bilingual training from programs guided by a strong philosophy, and engagement from counselor educators to advance competent Spanish-English bilingual counselor training. Keywords: bilingual counselor training, bilingual counseling, Spanish counseling, counselor education

Expert Counselor Educator Perspectives on Training Bilingual Counselors: A Q Method Study

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