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Obtaining Normative Data on Capacity-Based Assessments of Cognitive FunctioningIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesLuke Heckly[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Counseling Clients with a Low Socioeconomic Status: Counselors-in-Training Perceptions of Their PreparednessIdaho State UniversityCounselingMatthew Niece[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Characterization of the Canine DLC1 Gene and Assay for SP1 BindingIdaho State UniversityMedical Laboratory ScienceMohamed Jabbes[]Thesis10 May 2014
The Process of Doctoral Level Advising Selection Within Counselor Education: A Grounded TheoryIdaho State UniversityCounselingPamela Wells[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Caregiver and Naturalistic Listener Report of Infant Vocalizations: Toward Identification of Valid MethodologiesIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesRandi Killeen[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
A Study on Prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anemia in School Aged Children 5 - 12 Years Old in BelizeIdaho State UniversityMedical Laboratory ScienceRoberta Thimbriel[]Thesis10 May 2014
Oral Health Outcomes Following a Pediatric Preventive Oral Health Pilot in MontanaIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneTonette Hollingsworth[]Thesis10 May 2014
Presence of Antibodies to Shiga Toxin in Random Population in IdahoIdaho State UniversityClinical Laboratory ScienceXueting Li[]Thesis10 May 2014
The Process of Personal and Professional Identity Integration of Counselor Education Doctoral StudentsIdaho State UniversityCounselingAnna Elliott[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Evaluating the Mindfulness Experiential Small Group (MESG) on Counselors in TrainingIdaho State UniversityCounselingLynn Bohecker[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Voices of Minority Students Within Master's Level Counselor Training ProgramsIdaho State UniversityCounselingKirsten LaMantia[]Dissertation9 May 2015
The Lived Experience of Doctoral Students as Mentors in Informal Mentoring RelationshipsIdaho State UniversityCounselingTiffany Nielson[]Dissertation9 May 2015
System Identification and Modeling of the Dynamics of a One Stage Axial Flow Compressor SystemIdaho State UniversityMedical Laboratory ScienceDane Sterbentz[]Thesis9 May 2015
Investigation of Western Burrowing Owls (Athene Cunicularia Hypugaea)as Hosts for Fleas Infected with Yersinia PestisIdaho State UniversityClinical Laboratory ScienceRachel Ketterling[]Thesis9 May 2015
The Antibacterial Effects of Silver Nitrate on Oral BiofilmIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneMonika Alcorn[]Thesis9 May 2015
Oral Health and Interprofessional Education Experiences in Family Medicine and Pediatric Residency ProgamsIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneAngela Bailey[]Thesis9 May 2015
Effects of a Legislative Advocacy Educational Unit on Dental Hygiene Students and AlumniIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneLeciel Bono[]Thesis9 May 2015
Developing an Oral Health Referral SystemIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneLillian Bowen[]Thesis9 May 2015
Visualization of the Oropharynx During Head and Neck Cancer ExaminationsIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneCourtney Perrachione[]Thesis9 May 2015
Dental Hygiene Faculty Calibration to Enhance Inter-Rater Reliability with Calculus Detection: A Pilot StudyIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneLisa Santiago[]Thesis9 May 2015
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