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Khamis 2014Idaho State UniversityElectrical EngineeringAhmed Khamis[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Surface EMG and EEG Signal Fusion for Embedded Control of Prosthetic Hand MotionsIdaho State UniversityElectrical EngineeringAlex Jensen[]Dissertation10 May 2014
Simulation and Real-Time Control of a Smart Prosthetic HandIdaho State UniversityElectrical EngineeringAmir Fassih[]Dissertation20 Dec 2013
GPU Oriented Approach to Finite Element Multi-Physics SimulationIdaho State UniversityElectrical EngineeringDawid Krol[]Dissertation9 May 2015
Time Scale Analysis and Synthesis in Electrical Energy and Life SciencesIdaho State UniversityElectrical EngineeringShaleena Jaison[]Dissertation31 Jan 2018
HIGH PERFORMANCE CMOS CIRCUITS FOR FAST CARRY GENERATION WITH POWER OPTIMIZATIONIdaho State UniversityElectrical EngineeringNaga S. Muppaneni[]Dissertation20 Dec 2019
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