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Binge Drinking in Idaho: A Study of Binge Drinking and Associated Risk FactorsIdaho State UniversityCommunity & Public HealthLisa Spanberger[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Social Presence in Online Graduate Dental Hygiene EducationIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneLaNae Rodgerson[]Thesis4 Feb 2016
An Evaluation of a School-Based Sealant ProgramIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneRachelle Williams[]Thesis4 Feb 2016
Student Clinicians' Physiological Reactions to Typical and Atypical Speech Before and After Participating in an Intensive Stuttering Clinical PracticumIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesEmily Erickson[]Thesis4 Feb 2016
Efficacy of Historical Loss and Associated Symptoms Scale in Measuring Level of Historical Trauma in a NA PopulationIdaho State UniversityCommunity & Public HealthSunny Stone[]Thesis4 Feb 2016
Queering Counselor Education: Situational Analysis of LGBTQ+ Competent FacultyIdaho State UniversityCounselingJennifer Gess[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
A Situational Analysis of Counselor Educators Incorporating Spiritual and Religious Issues into TeachingIdaho State UniversityCounselingJade Letourneau[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
Co-Constructing Reflection of Feeling: Conversation Analytic Study of Basic Skill Use by Counselors-in-TrainingIdaho State UniversityCounselingKristen Lister[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
Mindfulness Training: An Evaluation of Effects on Pre-Practicum Student Anxiety and Counseling Self-EfficacyIdaho State UniversityCounselingBlaine Reilly[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
The Internalization of Professional Nursing Values in Baccalaureate Nursing StudentsIdaho State UniversityNursingTamara Rose[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
Learning From Our Friends: An Interdisciplinary Look at Health Science Internships at Idaho State University in the Medical Laboratory Sciences, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant and Nursing ProgramsIdaho State UniversityClinical Laboratory ScienceLily Killian[]Thesis7 May 2016
Method Validation of Siemens DCA Vantage Point-of-Care (POC) Systems in Measuring Hemoglobin A1C at Idaho State University Bengal LabIdaho State UniversityMedical Laboratory ScienceYao Zhang[]Thesis7 May 2016
Oral Health Behaviours and Attitudes Among Japanese Immigrants in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneKeiko Ogami[]Thesis7 May 2016
Perceptions of Oral Cancer Screenings Compared to Other Cancer Screenings: A Pilot StudyIdaho State UniversityDental HygieneMonica Stephenson[]Thesis7 May 2016
Autism and the Social Feedback Loop Between Infants and Caregivers: A Case StudyIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesSaunja Carlson[]Thesis7 May 2016
Exploring Risk and Protective Factors that Predict Secondary Traumatic Stress in Counselors-in-TrainingIdaho State UniversityCounselingHailey Martinez[]Dissertation13 Sep 2016
Examining the Effects of Tongue Thrust on Swallow FunctionIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesLisa Ellgen[]Thesis13 Sep 2016
Instrumental Investigation of the Effects of Tongue Thrust on Swallow FunctionIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesShelly Elliott[]Thesis13 Sep 2016
Stereotypes, Self-Report, and Physiological Reactions to Typical and Atypical SpeechIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesJuliet Hansen[]Thesis13 Sep 2016
The Relationship Between Ankyloglossia and Oral-Pharyngeal DysphagiaIdaho State UniversityCommunication SciencesMichael Olive[]Thesis13 Sep 2016
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