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The Evolution of Terrorism Through the Use of Technology:al-Qaeda and ISIS
Department: History
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Sarah Menish-Geryk
Idaho State University
City: Pocatello
The use of technology by terrorist organizations has increasingly influenced their methods. The purpose of my thesis is to show the evolution of terrorism through the use of technology, with a focus on al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The central themes of this thesis are social media, digital magazines, video, and globalization. Social media has allowed al-Qaeda and ISIS to spread theirideology throughout the world. Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and many other forms of social media and apps have been means for terrorist organizations to gain followers. These media have enabled al-Qaeda and ISIS to recruit, indoctrinate, incite, plan attacks, and communicate with one another. Both organizations have utilized the medium of video to deliver content. These videos include “campaign ads” displaying the goal of each organization and why someone should join their mission. Magazines account for anadditional medium, which are digitalhandbooks used to share inspiration for jihadis, as well as guides on how to create weapons to cause the most casualties. Social media and digital content delivered through the magazines and video have enabled al-Qaedaand ISIS to reach a broad audience in the age of globalization. Therefore, the more advanced technology becomes, the more opportunities terrorist organizations will have to indoctrinate and incite. KeyWords: Terrorism, ISIS, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Technology, Social Media,Cyber Terrorism, Extremism,Middle East, History

The Evolution of Terrorism Through the Use of Technology:al-Qaeda and ISIS

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