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Recruitment and Retention in Medical Laboratory Sciences: Issues, Strategies, and the Future
Department: Medical Laboratory Science
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Destini Davison
Idaho State University
City: Pocatello
The average age of a Medical Laboratory Scientist is 53-57 years of age. Consequently, the age of retirement is rapidly approaching for a large portion of the medical laboratory workforce across the United States. This projected workforce retirement rate, combined with increased demand for medical laboratory professionals, makes the recruitment of future Medical Laboratory Science students critical. The purpose of this study is to determine the most effective methods of recruitment into the Medical Laboratory Science program at Idaho State University. Secondarily, it is the hope that this research will aid in ascertaining the best ways in which to retain these students as well as professionals already working in the field. Survey data was gathered from previous applicants (n=69), current students in Idaho State Universities Medical Laboratory Science program (n=22), as well as current professionals working in the field was gathered (n=46). Data from current students and professional staff was gathered at the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Scientists (Idaho chapter) convention in April of 2017. The data collected from previous student applicants came from those who applied to Idaho State University between the years of 2011-2016. The data demonstrated many different aspects of the Medical Laboratory Science career field and it depicted many trends. The most important of these trends include: age, advertising, recruitment, retention, and marketing. The data also indicated the most effective strategies for recruitment into Idaho State Universities Medical Laboratory Sciences program. Keywords: Medical Laboratory Science, workforce shortage, recruitment, retention. !

Recruitment and Retention in Medical Laboratory Sciences: Issues, Strategies, and the Future

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