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Classification of Infant Vocalizations by Untrained Listeners: Part 2
Department: Communication Sciences
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Lindsey E. Foss
Idaho State University
City: Pocatello
The purpose of the present study was to aid in the development of a “gold standard” for classification of infant vocalizations. Obtaining such “gold standard” would enable clinicians and caregivers to better communicate and enhance accurate interpretation of parent report. Twenty-four untrained listeners (with no unique perspective on auditory perception) were presented with auditory stimuli of infant vocalizations and a previously generated list of terms. The listeners were asked to select terms from the list that they thought best described the sounds presented. Classifications of infant vocalizations by untrained listeners overlapped with classifications used in clinical and research settings by professionals and provided additional insight into alternate terms used by caregivers to describe baby sounds. Developing a gold standard for describing infant sounds can improve communication between speech-language pathologists and families, which could increase the specificity and sensitivity of infant assessment. Study limitations and future directions will be discussed. Key words: infant assessment, speech-sound development, infant language, early language development, early intervention

Classification of Infant Vocalizations by Untrained Listeners: Part 2

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