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Student Motivations in Medical Laboratory Science Job Selection
Department: Medical Laboratory Science
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Matthew M. Jones
Idaho State University
City: Pocatello
The purpose of this study is to determine the motivations behind job selection of the students in the Medical Laboratory Sciences program at Idaho State University. This is a replicate study of work previously done by researchers at the University of Utah in 2004 which examined job selection criteria of MLS students. Survey data of recently graduated students was gathered through convenience sampling and analyzed using SPSS to measure the importance of different job selection criteria to Medical Laboratory Science students. A significant difference was found between these factors leading to a selection of most favorable and least favorable clinical rotation sites attended by the students. Students appeared to value ‘work environment’ the most in potential employers, followed by ‘pay.’ As potential future employees in a high-demand career, it is increasingly important for potential employers to understand what students value in the workplace. This work is designed to aid employers to better recruit and fill the increasing need for highly skilled workers in the MLS field.

Student Motivations in Medical Laboratory Science Job Selection

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