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Exploring the Role of Alcohol Expectancies and Perspective on Sexual Agression Threat Detection in Incarcerated WomenIdaho State UniversityPsychologyBena Kuruvilla[]Dissertation8 Aug 2014
Distress Tolerance, Social Anxiety, and Drinking Consequences in a College Student SampleIdaho State UniversityPsychologyCatherine Williams[]Thesis8 Aug 2014
Schoepflin 2014Idaho State UniversityPsychologyFrederick Schoepflin[]Thesis10 May 2014
Effects of Monetary and Effort-Based Price on Food-Related Decision Making in Obese and Healthy-Weight Humans: A Behavioral Economic ApproachIdaho State UniversityPsychologyJennifer Peterson[]Dissertation19 Dec 2014
Sibling Conflict Resolution Skills Training in a Targeted Developmental PeriodIdaho State UniversityPsychologyLillie M. Grimes[]Dissertation8 Aug 2014
Parent Training for Managing Sibling Conflict: A Clinical TrialIdaho State UniversityPsychologyStephanie C. Babbitt[]Thesis9 May 2015
Relationship Between Immune Factors and CNS Penetrative Effectiveness of HAART on Cognition and Non-Verbal Processes in an HIV Positive SampleIdaho State UniversityPsychologyNickolas Dasher[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
Effects of Mindful Eating on Delay Discounting in Obese and Healthy-Weight Adolescents and AdultsIdaho State UniversityPsychologyKelsie Hendrickson[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
Effects of Acute Sleep Manipulation on Executive Functioning in School-Aged ChildrenIdaho State UniversityPsychologyGail Robertson[]Dissertation7 Aug 2015
Jealousy Through the Lens of the Self-Expansion Model: IOS Discrepancy and the Experience of JealousyIdaho State UniversityPsychologyJabeene Bhimji[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
The Relationship of Peer Factors in the Expression of Problematic AbsenteeismIdaho State UniversityPsychologyElizabeth Craun[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Maternal Behavior Influences the Development of a Reflexive Action Pattern in the Newborn RatIdaho State UniversityPsychologySierra Kauer[]Thesis7 Aug 2015
Judging Personal Values and Personality Traits: Accuracy and Its Relation to VisibilityIdaho State UniversityPsychologyJennifer McDonald[]Thesis19 Dec 2014
Motivated Accuracy: Investigating the Effect of Task Goals on Normative and Distinctive Components of Accuracy of Personality Trait JudgmentsIdaho State UniversityPsychologyDouglas Colman[]Thesis4 Feb 2016
The Accuracy of Judging Risk in Others: Investigating Information Quality and Individual Differences as Moderators of Accuracy of Risk Trait JudgementsIdaho State UniversityPsychologyJared vineyard[]Dissertation13 Jun 2016
Measuring the Impact of Worry on Working Memory: The Development of a Worry Analogue Dual Span TaskIdaho State UniversityPsychologyRachel Cover[]Dissertation13 Sep 2016
Adolescent Aggression During a Laboratory Provocation: Assessing the Protective Role of Prosocial Peers and Effortful ControlIdaho State UniversityPsychologyRachel Dyson[]Dissertation13 Sep 2016
Understanding the Association Between Trauma Exposure and Suicide Risk Among Treatment-Seeking Incarcerated Women: A Moderated Mediation ModelIdaho State UniversityPsychologyChristopher DeCou[]Thesis14 Sep 2016
The Relationship Among Trauma Exposure, Emotion Regulation, and DSM-5 PTSD Symptomatology in Incarcerated WomenIdaho State UniversityPsychologyEmily Konecky[]Dissertation14 Sep 2016
The Association Between Interpersonal Violence and PTSD Among Incarcerated Women: The Influence of Experiential AvoidanceIdaho State UniversityPsychologyStephanie Kaplan[]Thesis5 Oct 2016
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