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Preparation of Metal Thiolate Complexes for Controlled Synthesis of NanomaterialsIdaho State UniversityChemistrySarah Pickle[]Thesis7 May 2016
Local Adaptive Fusion Regression: Local Calibration with Matrix Matched SamplesIdaho State UniversityChemistryRachel Emerson[]Thesis21 Sep 2017
Metal Binding Affinity of Halobacterium salinarum Cysteinyl-tRNA SynthetaseIdaho State UniversityChemistryLori Cobani[]Thesis6 Sep 2018
The Use of Bimetallic Cobalt – Iron Catalyst in the Decomposition of AmmoniaIdaho State UniversityChemistrySkyler Siebers[]Thesis13 Sep 2019
Degradation of Melanosomes in Human HairIdaho State UniversityChemistryCamie Parsons[]Thesis11 May 2020
Feature Extraction and Pattern Recognition with Fusion Classification in Infrared Thermal Imaging for Serial Number RestorationIdaho State UniversityChemistryAnit Gurung[]Thesis17 Aug 2020
Development of a Dropwise Injection Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry SystemIdaho State UniversityChemistryNick Erfurth[]Thesis24 Feb 2023
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